Friday, June 15, 2012

Window Mobile Development -Step by Step

First step for windows development is like other type of developments i.e. Prepare your system for development

First step is to install Visual Studio 2010. If Visual Studio is not installed dot worry as Visual Studio Express in included in Windows Phone SDK.

Second step would be to download Windows Phone SDK. Goto following link to have more details about windows SDK

After you install Windows Phone SDK you will have new project template for Windows Mobile Development.
e.g. Windows Phone Application for Windows Application Development using silver light

Third step will be to get Window Phone Training Kit. You may download it from following link

There are few good tutotrial on Windows mobile development at following location

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Schema Binding in SQL Server Views with indexes

There are ways to optimize your views i.e. by adding indexes on your views. In order to achieve this tunning you shoudl first create view with Schema binding.
This is very Simple see SQL below.

Select * from tbl_Sample

i.e. You just need to add bold text while creating your views. This will allow you to define index on your views which will result as tunned queries to your databases.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Getting Started with Bizagi BPM

If you go through demo Video of Bizagi you can easily get started with Bizagi in 50-10 minutes.

As I was evaluating it in a way where I have to run processes on exisiting data already in another database. I was searching for functionality keeping in mind that this is a normal case for each and every one except most of information that will be available on forms will be coming for external databases and Bizagi was not an exception.

There is a WIKI on their website that explains how to integrate Bizagi with external datasources which is very good and will help to understand this concept of Replication and Virtualization very well.

have a look at this link and you will definately find it interesting :)

All you need to do is to make sure that your data types are supported by Bizagi. BTW it support most of the commonly used data types you may see details here
In case your table contain columns that are not supported by Bizagi you may use set of supported columns using Schema binded Views with Indexes. For details see my blog for schema binding view

I am not sure but I noticed issues in replication sometime but I will confirm my doubt is that if there is any problem in replicating 1 entity then other entities didnt get replicated

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bizagi Worflows

I was during a research and impress by a workflow engine implemented at manay places.
Bizagi workflow also placed in Visionaries quarant by Gartner in 2010 Gartner report. Good thing about this BPM that an evaluation version is freely available.

Do try I hope you will like it ;)