Friday, November 25, 2016

Mobile Development - First Step

As a developer we already know that in order to start any development project. We need to start with the design of an application. Mobile development is not an exception.

The question is that we create use case to model our business, wire frames and prototyping to do user interface design then what do we do to plan our mobile application?

The answer is simple, First thing is that we need to visualize our application and we start we story boarding of our app.
In order to do story boarding you have to take components of your mobile app and define the flow of your application with help of major component.

Activities All elememt in android are activities that have an UI definition using xml and a code behind to hadle evenet
widget/Views e.g. Button, text box
Layout e.g. Linear layout

There are may tools available that may assist you in doing story boarding however you may start it on a blank piece of paper

Mobile Development - Android

Before staring I must say that is very nice and can give answers to most of your queries from installation, tools and sample with step by step guides.

Android Studio is the essential tools that you will need to install to start mobile development. You may choose other option like eclipse however Android Studio is the quickest to start.

In general the tool is very nice and can really help you to quickly pick up pace with mobile development however you may need to do little bit tweaking to make if run faster.

In my case, my antivirus may give me hard time to run it quickly. I had to add certain programs (Android Studio, Emulator etc) in my antivirus exception list to make it up and running,

If you have an android phone, you may use it for testing and debugging purpose. In fact this will be the fastest way to do testing and debugging of your application.

Android SDK contains an emulator software that is very powerful and can build the ground to do debugging and testing on multiple environment and effectively test advance features.

Yes all development will be done using Java as a programming language therefore knowledge of java programming language is required for the actual development