Friday, November 25, 2016

Mobile Development - First Step

As a developer we already know that in order to start any development project. We need to start with the design of an application. Mobile development is not an exception.

The question is that we create use case to model our business, wire frames and prototyping to do user interface design then what do we do to plan our mobile application?

The answer is simple, First thing is that we need to visualize our application and we start we story boarding of our app.
In order to do story boarding you have to take components of your mobile app and define the flow of your application with help of major component.

Activities All elememt in android are activities that have an UI definition using xml and a code behind to hadle evenet
widget/Views e.g. Button, text box
Layout e.g. Linear layout

There are may tools available that may assist you in doing story boarding however you may start it on a blank piece of paper

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