Thursday, December 2, 2010

Microsoft Office 365 - Sharepoint, Office with cloud computing

Microsoft Office 365 is about using power of Microsoft Office with power of cloud computing.
Office, Exchange, Sharepoint and Lync.... All Online
For details see following link

Monday, April 12, 2010

Marking multiple attibute for a class

You may mark multiple attributes with the class by separating attibutes with comma with in square bracket. This will allow you to associate or mark your class with multiple attribute. Following show syntax for serailizable class which is obsoleted.

[Serializable, Obsolete("This class is not in use any more")]
class ObsoleteSerializableClass

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Crystal Report- Sub reports over lapped when you use multiple sub reports or sub reports with other controls

While working with crystal reports you will noticed that when you use sub report with another sub report or if you use a control under sub report it gets overlapped. It is because the Sub report that comes first expands its size and come over other control or subreports.
The solution for handling this i.e. Sub report automatically expands and shifts other control according to its size is through multiple sections in sub reports.
For multiple sections in sub reports
goto section expert
select details section
click on insert section button
Now you can move other sub reports to next section and you may noticed that your problem related to overlapping of control gets resolved automatically

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Page Header in Crystal Report Sub Report

When you work with crystal report sub report you will noticed that Page Header of you sub report will be displayed as report header from you main report.

This is because page header is not supported with crystal report sub report. There are many work around to achieve this using sections but for better design it is suggested that you keep your page header information in main report while section details in sub reports

Monday, March 15, 2010

Sharepoint 2007 - Scroll bars using page viewer webpart

You may sometime noticed that page viewer webpart displays scroll bars when you try to display pages that has large view area. This is because page viewer webparts works with fixed width and hieght and when content page increase webpart displays scroll bar.

The solution for this is to use custom webparts if the page is internal page.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Sharepoint 2007 - Survey removing save button

You will notice save botton in sharepoint surveys when using sharepoint surveys with branching options. It confuse most of surveys users as generally user select save instead of next or finish which result in in complete surveys.
We have checked a lot in sharepoint options and failed to find any option thay may allow admisitrator or pulisher to disable this buton and find that there is one work around using sharepoint designer for removing it.

1. Open site in sharepoint designer
2. Go to you subsite and expand pages under survey (created earlier with branching option)
3. Open newform.aspx and find following
<asp:content contentplaceholderid="PlaceHolderMain" runat="server">
4. Add following javascript before closing tag of the content place holder searched in last step

<script> var x=document.getElementsByTagName("input"); for (var
i=0;i<x.length;i++) { if (x.item(i).type=="button"&&x.item(i).value=="Save")
{x.item(i).style.display = "none"};} </script>

5. Above script will search for save button and toggle its visibility. If you need to remove save button while editing existing responses you will have to repeat above steps for editform.aspx.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sharepoint 2007 - Multilingual Sites issues in updating publishing pages

When you work with multi lingual sites implemented using Share point variation features you may find that whenever you try to update page in your source site it will automatically published to all variation labels and will overwrite your translated content in other sites.

e.g. You have bilingual site with English and Spanish. Where we consider english as a src site. When you create a new page in English and Publish this page a new page in draft status with English content will be created in Spanish Site. Translator will translate content and publish page created in Spanish Site.
Suppose you find a spelling mistake and update content in English site. Now when you go to spanish site using system administrator you will noticed that the page will be in draft status with Latest English content i.e. Translator will now have to translate the whole page instead of fixing the small issue.In order to resolve this issues you need to do following changes in your varaition settings.

  • Open site using system Admin
  • Click on "goto to site settings"Site Collection Administration" click on "Variations"
  • In "Update Target Page Webpart" Section select "Do not update webpart....."

After doing above changes you will noticed that new pages will be created by variation but changes needs to be done separately on both site.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sharepoint 2007 Showing outlook Inbox using outlook active X control

Outlook provides active X interface for displaying out look inbox and simple object tag can be used to show emails from your outlook inbox. It will display your default inbox therefore can even show images that are stored at your pst file.

You may also use this Active X control in Share point 2007 using content editor web part to display users emails but following disadvantages should be kept in mind.

  • Security concerns as it is Active X control
  • Different browser specific and deployment specific issues
  • Look n feel will be different and cannot be branded
  • Will not use Share point security but will show inbox based on outlook configuration

e.g. of HTML is as follows.

<OBJECT classid=CLSID:0006F063-0000-0000-C000-000000000046





<param name="Namespace" value="MAPI">

<param name="Folder" value="Calendar">

<param name="View" value="Day/Week/Month View With AutoPreview">

<param name="Restriction" value="">

<param name="DeferUpdate" value="0">


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sharepoint Configuration for Outlook Web Access on any site

Outlook web access provides view on your exchange folder from any Share point site using Page Viewer Web part with query string parameters configured to display view as per your organization requirement.

As OWA designed for intranet therefore it is obviously recommended for intranet portal only. For extranet you may have to go through it with an extra security step as per your OWA configuration.

Following technet article provide details of different query string parameter for configuration of your OWA view.

In general following query suffix for Page Viewer WebPart will suffix

https://{server name}/owa/?cmd=contents&f=inbox

Monday, January 25, 2010

Sharepoint 2007 Working with Outlook Web Access Webpart

Share point 2007 provides following web parts for accessing exchange content using share point
  1. My Calendar (use with Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 or later)
  2. My Contacts (use with Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 or later
  3. My Tasks (use with Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 or later)
  4. My Inbox (use with Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 or later)
  5. My Mail Folder (use with Microsoft Exchange Server 2000 or later)

Above web parts are provided in order to be utilized Share point My Sites. If you want to use Outlook Web Access in other website you may need to use outlook web access queries from page viewer web part.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

MOSS Administration removing bad webparts from page that doesn't open in design mode

Will working with sharepoint you may find yourself in a situation where your webpart blows up and you will not be able to access your page. You cannot fix page as design options are available for editable pages in design mode.

There is an option to remove webparts from these page to make them working. Providing query parameter Contents=1 will redirect you to WebPart administration page for selected page. This page will provide you options for removing webparts.

e.g. your page link was as follows

Opening following url

will allow you to fix your page.