Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sharepoint 2007 - Multilingual Sites issues in updating publishing pages

When you work with multi lingual sites implemented using Share point variation features you may find that whenever you try to update page in your source site it will automatically published to all variation labels and will overwrite your translated content in other sites.

e.g. You have bilingual site with English and Spanish. Where we consider english as a src site. When you create a new page in English and Publish this page a new page in draft status with English content will be created in Spanish Site. Translator will translate content and publish page created in Spanish Site.
Suppose you find a spelling mistake and update content in English site. Now when you go to spanish site using system administrator you will noticed that the page will be in draft status with Latest English content i.e. Translator will now have to translate the whole page instead of fixing the small issue.In order to resolve this issues you need to do following changes in your varaition settings.

  • Open site using system Admin
  • Click on "goto to site settings"Site Collection Administration" click on "Variations"
  • In "Update Target Page Webpart" Section select "Do not update webpart....."

After doing above changes you will noticed that new pages will be created by variation but changes needs to be done separately on both site.


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