Friday, May 29, 2015

Installing Grails

I would really like the video at the following location

Following are steps for installing it on windows environment

  • Install JDK. 
    • You may use my other post to save some time :)
  • Download grails from below link
  • Unzip files and copy to one location says c:\grails
  • Define environment variable
    • GRAILS_HOME and set it to path used in previous step
  • Add following at the of you PATH (Environment) variable
    • ;%GRAILS_HOME%\bin
  • Go to command prompt and type following command to test your setup
    • grails -version
      • It should display the installed grails version
    • cd %GRAILS_HOME%
      • it should take you to grails directory
    • grails create-app HelloWorld
      • It should create application name hello world. You can use any name for your application
    • cd HelloWorld
      • It should takes you to newly created application
    • grails run-app
      • It should start application. 
      • If firewall gives any warning then we should allow application to continue.
      • It will download all dependencies
    • goto http://localhost:8080/ to see your application started successfully or not

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