Friday, May 29, 2015

Installing Java JDK on Windows - Your first step towards Java Development

There are lot of help and tutorials available for you to install JDK and would recommend to follow the oracle help for the installation. But as a windows users, may follow below if you want to save some time

  1. Download JDK from below link
  2. Install JDK and JRE. Its a simple wizard.
  3. Setup following environment variables. 
    1. Go to My Computer, 
    2. Right click and select properties
    3. Click advance system settings
    4. Click Environment Variables
    5. Add following environment variable
      1. JAVA_HOME
      2. JRE_HOME
    6. Add following at the of you PATH (Environment) variable
      1. ;%JAVA_HOME%\bin
  4. Go to command prompt and type following command to test your setup
    1. java -version
    2. It should display the installed JDK version

Environment Variables

Path Variable

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