Thursday, June 4, 2015

Configure Active Directory on Windows 2012 Data Center 64 bit

Configure Active Directory on Windows 2012 Data Center 64 bit

Before configuring active directory please ensure that your local administrator account password is set. Otherwise you may not be able to proceed with the installation/configuration of AD.

Follow below steps
1. Go to computer management
2. Expand System tools -> Local Users and Groups -> Users
3. On the right pane select administrator account
4. Right click and set a password.

Follow below steps for configuration of Active Directory on server

1. Open server manager as shown below. Click on Add role and feature.

 2. Add role and feature window popup appears as shown below. Click next to continue.

3. Select default option i.e. Select Role Based or Feature based Installation, Select server and then you will see below feature selection screen, Select "Active Directory Domain Services" below.

 4. As you click on next on previous screen a popup appear. Click Add feature.To proceed to installation option to initiate install.

5. After feature installation completed. you will see screen similar to below screen. Click "Promote this server to a domain controller"

6. This will start AD Domain services configuration wizard as shown below. Select "Add a new forest" on the screen and set domain name (in e.g. we set it to  "" )

7. Click next and assign the password. click Next and select default options.

8. Give NetBIOD domain name. In below sample we set it to TESTSVR. Click Next

9. Click Next select default options click Next.
10. Click Install button which will install AD and will restart server. you need to enter using your domain account to login using the password specified in step 7.

11. After login you will see AD management option in tool menu of server manager as shown below.

Now you can open Active Director Users and Service and add multiple service accounts in your AD. In below example we create a user with name "spadmin" responsible for installation and administration of Sharepoint

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