Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Configuring sharepoint search to crawl lotus notes emails and database

Recently I was assigned with an assignment to integrate/configure moss so that it can crawl the lotus notes database and provide search mechanism to moss users. Following are some really really useful links for that

Following links on tech net are helpful for achieving the 90% of functionality.

The trickiest part of solution is to select the correct field of person view in creation of notes mapping database. As that information is not clear in above technet article.
Creation of mapping table and setting/picking up lotus id (using owner field of person view) is well defined in following POC.


Another trickiest part that I face was that you need to explicitly assign default security setting to reader by clicking document properties of security mapping views.

I have tested that lotus protocol handler is working fine with
Lotus 6.0 client
Lotus 7.0 client
and Lotus 8.5 client

I have tested this with following domino server
Domino 7.0
Domino 8.5

An interseting thing was that even I managed to integrate it properly but face strange errors in adding notes content sources using moss UI (using SSP).

I downloaded search admin utility from following link to add content and it worked great for me

Another added feature of above utility that I discovered later is that it allow assigning multiple domino database as a single content source. Which remove that restriction of enabling search on maximum of 500 notes databases. so if you use standard database for adding content database you will not be able to search more than 500 notes database. But this utility will allow searching on 500X500 databases

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