Monday, October 19, 2009

Sharepoint 2007 (MOSS) - Multilingual Implementation issues using variations

Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2007 (MOSS) provides multiplingual functionalities using its language pakages and variations. When proper language packages are installed you can use power of variation to build multiligual side.

The way variation is designed, It provide you alot but you still need to think on several points and issues while designing your site structure using MOSS Varaition.

Variation simply copy pages from one site to another and provide you functionality to maintain two copies of sites but sharepoint list and other structures remains in master site and will give you un anticipated behaviour.

When you create variation label it will create sites with in your varaition root with selected local and sharepoint will set culture of site.

Following are the problem that you may need to think on while woking with mutlilingual sites that provides more then content publishing.

1. Deployment of custom workflows.

Workflows associated with lists in sharepoint, when you design any custom workflow it will be binded with either a list in English site or Other Language site. so out come of workflows will be in one language and lot of custom components will be required in order to support it.
If you use out of box workflows, the porblem remain same.
So you need to be very carefully in placing your sharepoint lists in multilingual environment.

2. Deployment of sharepoint Content except pages.

If you deploy any out of box feature that will be deployed in sites separately. i.e. If you are thinking of deploying surveys the surveys will be deployed separately on each language site and will not have any association. Say we have two sites in English and French then survey list needs to be created separately in both sites. These will be totally in dependent you need to create survey in both language manually and out of box functionality doenst provide any mechanism to show result.
The similar behavior will be noticed in all othey contents and one needs to be very careful while designing shepoint multi lingual sites


  1. Can you elaborate on how to best deploy your lists for multilingual?

  2. well, its purily depends on your requirement. If you are thinking of desiging solution as out of box, then you will have to deploy your lists with in variation labels.\
    How ever sometime user doesnt satisifed with separate admin screen for Arabic and English, in that case you will have two options, either to design custom admin screen or move you lists at the root and use custom code for accessing list else where.
    I hope this will help

  3. Hi Hussain,

    Can you please guide me to enable multilingual website. Basically i want an option in website pages to select Turkish and English language. Based on language selection, appropriate language page should be displayed.

    Please help.

  4. In order to design multi lingual site you need to install sharepoint language packs for MOSS and WSS. Please search for MOSS language packs I understand that language pack supports turkish language. Alos see my other posts at

    Let me know if you have other queries

  5. Can tell me how to create seperate surveys for multilingual sites?

    I am not getting an option to create surves in

    what could be the problem?

    I get the same in

  6. Check features enabled at your site collection