Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lotus Notes Email search - Searching Email to Notes client

When configuring lotus notes content source with sharepoint server you will noticed that search results return urls for lotus notes document. These URL transfer controls to lotus notes web access so that user can access his search email and look at its content.

There are few scenarios when user will not like to use webaccess and would like to open searched emails in lotus clients.

1 - Intranet Environment when all users accessing sites have lotus client installed.
2 - Company policy to restrict web access to all users.

Following are step for configuring sharepoint to display Lotus notes document URLs to Lotus notes client instead of lotus notes web access.

1. Goto shared service provider.
2. click search settings.
3. click server name mapping.
4. Add new mapping with following details
a. Address in index : http://[Lotus server name]
b. Address in search result : notes://[Lotus server name]

Please notes that lotus notes client will be required on all end user machine for opening emails.

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