Thursday, July 9, 2009

Configuring SMTP Service for routing emails to an external SMTP Server

Following are step for configuration of SMTP service for routing your email to an external SMTP Server.

1. Install SMTP Services from Add Remove Windows Component (This may require a windows CD)
2. Open IIS Admin (IIS Manager) Console from Administrative tools
3. Select Domains under Default SMTP Virtual Server
4. Right click and select new domain
5. Give name to your external domain
6. Got to properties setting of domain created in step 4
7. Check “Allow incoming mails to be relayed to this domain”
8. Select forward all emails to smart host and write local host in text box below
9. Select “Default SMTP Virtual Server” right click and select properties
10. Go to delivery tab and select advance option
11. Write your external SMTP server name e.g. or IP address e.g. [] Note: Make sure to enclose IP address in square brackets
12. Go to Access tab and select Relay Restriction
13. Add IP address or set it to “All except the list below”
Test your SMTP Server using email client like outlook or manually using following commands
1. Go to command prompt
2. Run command “telnet localhost 25”
3. On telnet console run following command
4. Mail from:
5. Rcpt to:
6. Data
7. Subject:
9. .

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