Saturday, July 25, 2009

Issue in share point 2007 or MOSS menu selection

We have discovered an issue in share point / MOSS top navigation menu while associating menu headings with share point system pages like list details pages. Reproducing an issue is simple using following steps.
1. Go to your site
2. Select Site Action->Site Settings -> Modify All Site Settings
3. Select Navigation under Look n Feel section
4. Click on Add Heading
5. In Title write test
6. In URL select browse and browse to any list in your site e.g. /Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspx
7. Click ok
8. Go to home page of your site
9. Select top navigation menu created in step 4
10. You will find that your page will open but first menu item will remain selected in your top navigation menu
We have noticed this issue while doing modification with system pages only. So workaround to this solution will be to create a separate page and use show pages list to display pages and hide any additional pages that you don’t want to display

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  1. Problem and Workaround
    Issue was that menu selection on top navigation of share point is based on site.

    You have Site1 with Page 1 and Page 2

    When you select Page1, Site 1 will be marked as selected on top menu
    When you select Page2, Site 1 will be marked as selected on top menu
    consider the case when you have to place Site1 and Page1 on top navigation menu you will have to do following steps.
    1. Check show pages from navigation settings
    2. Select Page2 (Not required on top) and mark it as hidden