Friday, July 17, 2009

Importing user profile from LDAP

MOSS provide out of box support for importing users from LDAP directory. You need to perform following steps in order to configure share point shared services provider to enable imports.
1. Open Central Administration site
2. Go to shared service provider link under shared service Administration link
3. Select User Profile and Properties under User Profile and My Site section
4. Select View Import connection
5. Click on create a new connection
6. Provide connection setting similar to that. Please note that example are for connecting your site with LDAP Server comes with domino server.
a. Type: Select LDAP Directory
b. Connection Name: Write name of your connection e.g. LotusLDAPCon
c. Directory Server Name: Write IP Address of your LDAP Server or your Server name e.g. LOTUSSRV
d. Port: Leave it to default i.e. 389 if your LDAP is deployed at custom port specify your port.
e. Time Out: Specify time out or leave it to default.
f. Provider Name: Specify LDAP Provide name e.g. LdapMembership
g. User Name Attribute: Leave it to default. If your LDAP has custom username attribute specify that
h. Search Base: Specify search base under which you have all your user e.g. O=TestDomain
i. User Filter: Specify user filter as per your ldap server. E.g. (objectclass=dominoPerson)
j. Scope: Select sub tree
k. Page Size: May leave it to default
l. Page Timeout: May Leave it to default
m. Authentication Information: Select specify account and write username and password of user have appropriate rights on LDAP server e.g. Administrator
7. After filling above select ok to add connection
8. Select User Profile and Properties from bread crumb
9. Click on Start Full Import
Please note that you may encounter strange errors while creating connection with LDAP directory. We experience following error
“An error occurred while validating or updating the directory service connection. No connection was added LDAP”
We found that it is a know issue with MOSS and at the time when I was writing this article, Microsoft has released a hot fix for resolution of above issue KB 949402 at following link
We have found that few tools are available on internet for free download that many help you in connecting and testing with LDAP Directory
e.g. LDAP Brower from LDAP Soft at following link


  1. Thanks for your post and welcome to check: here.

  2. Thank you for this post.

    Just made the download of the hotfix and, once executed, the following error message was displayed:
    this self-extracting zip file is part of a multidisk zip file. Please insert the last disk of the set.

    Any idea ?